Mats Matthews shirts Sweden

The only thing better than honoring one Toronto Maple Leafs superstar is honoring two.

A handful of fans in attendance at the 2023 Global Series in Sweden - eight to be exact - wore shirts to spell out "MATTHEWS" in honor of forward Auston Matthews.

But when Hockey Hall of Fame forward Mats Sundin showed up at Avicii Arena to drop the ceremonial first puck, the group called a quick audible.

Four of the fans, the ones wearing the M, the A, one of the Ts and the S, got together with Sundin for a funny photo op during the game.

Sundin, a native of Bromma, is widely considered one of the best hockey players to ever come out of Sweden. He played 13 of his 18 NHL seasons with the Maple Leafs, serving as captain from 1997-2008.

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