Rempe rookie lap pic

All rookie laps are memorable, but New York Rangers forward Matt Rempe has one extra reason to write home about his.

Rempe took his rookie lap on the outdoor rink at MetLife Stadium ahead of the 2024 Navy Federal Credit Union Stadium Series between the Rangers and New York Islanders on Sunday.

The rookie had the rink to himself for a few minutes – as do most rookies when entering the League – but Rempe had a bit more sunshine on him while he took in the unique atmosphere.

“It was awesome. It was lots of fun. … Whirlwind of emotions," Rempe said. "It was unbelievable. It was a dream come true.”

Rempe became the first player in NHL history to debut in an outdoor game during the first period of Sunday's matchup.

“It was an emotional day," he added. "So happy. Just the biggest smile all day and I know when I called my mom this morning, she was bawling her eyes out.”

Not a bad way to kick off a career, huh?

– Staff Writer David Satriano contributed to this report

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