The Philadelphia Flyers are going "Old School" with their latest giveaway.

The team will give away Gritty Earmuffs on Feb. 27 to the first 10,000 fans at their game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and to promote the event, the Flyers mascot starred in a promotional video that spoofs a scene from the 2003 comedy starring Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell.

In the video, Flyers coach John Tortorella is about to start a press conference with Gritty in attendance. When it seems as if 'Torts' is going to use some salty language, one of Gritty's handlers tells him to put on the earmuffs to shield his innocent ears.

It's similar to the scene in the film where Vaughn is telling his young son to form earmuffs with his hands to cover his ears when some adult language is used.

Of course, Gritty has been known to push the family-friendly envelope. He went streaking during the 2019 NHL Stadium Series in Philadelphia, and on Saturday, during the 2024 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series, was seen running on the field without his clothes -- he would call it 'nakey' -- after they were stolen by Devils mascot NJ Devil.

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