Oilers loved ones video

The Edmonton Oilers' loved ones are hyping them up before Game 1 of the 2024 Stanley Cup Final.

In a video posted by the team on social media, Oilers players received special messages from their family members wishing them good luck in the Cup Final.

Leon Draisaitl’s mom, Sam Gagner’s wife, Mattias Ekholm’s wife and kids, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins' dad, Darnell Nurse’s parents and Connor McDavid’s parents were all featured in the video.

“Hi Ryan, it’s dad. Just phoning to wish you and the entire team good luck,” said Nugent-Hopkins' dad in the video.

“We hope that you win this. Go for it,” Ekholm’s kids said.

All the messages talked about how proud they were of their respective loved ones and how excited they were to watch them play for the Stanley Cup.

“For our family, our friends, and for me, you are already a champ,” Draisaitl’s mother said in German in the video.

“Your mom and I are going to be there waiting at the end for a hug, as always,” McDavid’s father said.