VANCOUVER -- Rick Tocchet has no problem being in the Stanley Cup Playoffs spotlight as coach of the Vancouver Canucks, but was a little less thrilled to discover an old cooking video from his playing days is again making the rounds.

The video, from Tocchet’s time as a forward with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the early 1990s, shows him sharing lessons on how to make spaghetti.

“They posted it again?” Tocchet asked.

Someone did, came the reply.

“Oh man,” Tocchet said. “I hate when that video shows up once in a while.”

Tocchet knew the video well enough to remember without being showed it again that he was sporting a mullet haircut and an NBA Phoenix Suns hat.

“Because (Charles) Barkley is a good buddy of mine so that's why I loved the Suns back in the day,” Tocchet said. “They wanted me to go film at the grocery store and go buy all this stuff and I said, ‘I don't make it, my mom does.’”

The 90-second video features Tocchet, who was wearing a Penguins “back-to-back” t-shirt for the Stanley Cup championships in 1991 and 1992, making “the old bachelor meal” after practice.

“This is the hockey player's staple meal,” Tocchet said in the video.

Tocchet delivers tips on everything from how to prevent the water from boiling over, to how to position the newspaper so you can easily read the sports section while eating it. All solid advice for the young single person -- NHL player or not -- living on their own.

He just hopes the video doesn’t become a social media staple again now.