ANA@VAN: Joshua sends home PPG with impressive between-the-legs shot

The saying in hockey is get in front of the net and good things happen. Unless you are Dakota Joshua, then get in front of the net and you make amazing things happen.

The Vancouver Canucks forward parked himself near the left side of the net during a power play about midway through the second period of a game against the Anaheim Ducks on Sunday. As the Canucks patiently passed the puck around looking for an opportunity, forward Pius Suter shuffled the puck in to Joshua.

Joshua had the presence of mind to corral the puck and realized he didn't have much time to get a shot on net, so he pushed the puck back between his own legs and roofed it into the top corner of the net.

It's a move that we have seen a few times before from the likes of Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk and Nashville Predators forward Filip Forsberg, but every time it is executed as flawlessly as Joshua did it, the play is worth another look.


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