Hurricanes lineups whalers night

There’s no better way to celebrate Whalers Night than with a Hartford alum, especially when it’s a player’s dad.

Carolina Hurricanes forward Jack Drury's dad, Ted, read the starting lineups before the team’s annual celebration of their franchise’s history on Saturday.

Ted, who played with the Hartford Whalers during the 1993-94 season, told the Hurricanes it was an honor to be with them and added a quick “love you buddy” to his son before announcing the starters.

The Hurricanes donned Whalers jerseys during their game against the New Jersey Devils at PNC Arena.

During warmups, the Hurricanes took their throwback look to a new level by sporting green cooperalls.

The Whalers played in Hartford from 1979-1997. They relocated to North Carolina at the start of the 1997 season, rebranding themselves as the Hurricanes.